Home Office

Converting Local Storage Space

For every technological innovation or economic change, there is always someone who can find a way to make money from it. People have fewer needs...

Home Office

Concentrating on Work

The world of telecommuters might seem like freedom to many, but there are some ground rules that must be followed to make it a success....

Home Office

Converting the Garage

Remodeling within the home is often a stressful situation, so it might be wiser for the person who wants to work from home to consider...

Home Office

A Multi-Purpose Room

Many people have several rooms in their home that serve more than one purpose, and the dining room is often one of them if there...

Home Office

The Need for Quiet

Working from home is a dream for many, but they often have small children. Talking on the phone with a customer can be difficult, and...

Home Office

A Few Steps Up

Few older houses were designed with the thought of working from home, so finding a good space to create an office may be an issue....

Towns and villages were built on a model of people living over their work area, and this was done due to the fact that most of them had no other means of transportation than walking. They needed to be able to be at work first thing in the morning, so commuting was out of the question. Modern man has found that a long commute can take a serious bite out of their time with family and friends, so it has become an important choice to live near work or commute. There is a third option, and this is to create a space for a home office and telecommute.

Telecommuting has worked wonders for those who want to be close to home and still work. Modern industry and offices have found it is a good way to add to their workforce without the bother and expense of finding office space. It might seem like a panacea, but there can also be issues to overcome.