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Converting Local Storage Space

For every technological innovation or economic change, there is always someone who can find a way to make money from it. People have fewer needs for storage space during economic downturns, but the need for even a small office is often desirable. Converting local storage space into offices is one way to ensure an income for the owner, and it helps those who do not want to work at home but still need an office nearby.

Converting the space is relatively easy, and many small offices can be carved out. Each unit will generally need to have a second door placed in it, and a small heater or air conditioner is generally part of each office. Windows are added to the front of the space, and they complement the door area for a professional look. The interior space can be designed in any way the tenant prefers, so there is little need for the owner to bother with inside construction.

Offices do need a few amenities, and these are often provided as part of the common area for the tenants. Bathrooms must be located nearby, and these are generally built according to local government regulations. For those who also need the occasional meeting room, one or two units can be combined for tenants to reserve. It generally works out well for all parties, and the rent is much less than a regular office.

While it may be easiest to convert a local storage center into small offices, the same can be said for any office building with a large ground area or several stories. Some of them today create private offices using only cubicles, but others have already built office spaces with floor to ceiling walls. As with the storage space conversion to offices, the amenities are generally shared by all the tenants on one floor.