Home Office

A Few Steps Up

Few older houses were designed with the thought of working from home, so finding a good space to create an office may be an issue. Using the formal dining room could come with too much noise and traffic when the family is home, and the same can be said for the living room. Working out of a bedroom could be a good solution, but it will only work if there is one not being used. For those seeking a quiet space to work from home, a few steps up into the attic could be the perfect solution.

Most attics are small spaces, and many people use them for storing holiday decorations or other small items. For those in need of a new home office, creating usable space may take some major construction. Adding a dormer or two could be necessary to create a large enough space and light, so hiring a construction company to do the work might be a good idea. Planning a new space in the attic could still be an economically sound idea.

Office space does not necessarily need to be large, but many office workers require enough quiet to concentrate on getting their work done. For those using phones to communicate with co-workers or customers, a lack of background noise can be essential. Attics are often insulated against heat and cold, so they already have a reasonable amount soundproofing to get the job done. Adding solid flooring and electrical wiring might be all that is needed to create a space where work can be done.

Building up to create more useful space is not a new concept, and it has been around for a long time because it makes sense. Many parcels of land already hold as much improved space as local regulations permit, so recreating the attic into an office could be the only viable option for many home workers.